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Get down into the unknown universe, where the underground monsters live and break the evil spell that haunts this place! Undertale Yellow presents a beautiful story, where there is enough place for fierce battles, funny dialogues and reliable friendship.

Gameplay Undertale Yellow

Take the role of little Clover and embark on the most breath-taking adventure of your life! Start your pursuit as an ordinary human with the most basic equipment and explore the surroundings, delving into the major problems of the kingdom and its inhabitants. The great evil is getting closer and closer!

The game offers vast terrains for you to investigate and myriads of mysteries to uncover, including curious easter eggs and amusing details, which won’t leave you indifferent. Engage in conversations with various characters and learn more about the world where you suddenly occurred.

Although most of the monsters in Undertale Yellow are surprisingly unbothered by a human in their kingdom, some of them may act aggressively and you should be ready to face the danger! Choose your fighting style, use the collectibles you have gathered during the trip or even refuse to attack whatsoever.

Appreciate the distinctive pixel style

Apart from the exciting storyline, the game can amaze you with the incredible visuals, done with great attention to the details. The locations are extremely interesting to examine and there are lots of objects with which you may interact in many ways.

The soundtrack corresponds to the incredible experience and adds a certain charm to the project. Listen to the energetic melodies and continue your wonderful pursuit across the world full of unusual creatures. Forge your own destiny with every choice and determine how your story is going to end.

But to reach your point of destination, you are going to pass an impressive number of complicated riddles. The Ruins have various traps all over, so attentiveness is the right method to use. Will you be able to proceed further without being caught in any of the perilous traps?

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