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Get carried away with the enchanting melodies of this grand adventure game! Undertale Yellow is an ultimate merge of the engrossing narrative and pleasant musical tracks which will fully immerse you into the atmosphere of a mysterious and provocative universe.

Gameplay Undertale Yellow

Being the only human in the world inhabited by various anthropomorphic monsters, it may be hard not to lose sanity at some point. However, feel the determination and continue your way deep into the Ruins, towards the completely unexplored terrains.

Surprisingly, the mountain, where you together with the main hero named Clover went to find your lost friends, have been hiding quite large territories underneath. Take your chance to visit lots of exciting towns and desserts, brimming with new opportunities and breath-taking fights.

The Undertale Yellow fighting system can seem intricate, but in fact, your skills determine the outcomes of each confrontation. Measure the strength of your punches and decide whether you let the enemy live after you devastate them enough or this will be their last resort. Maybe the ones you spared will even become your allies afterwards!

The chosen approach gives you access to new features, dialogues and even battles on one hand, but on the other hand, it greatly influences the surroundings. In case you show the positive side of the character, there will be more friendly interactions with the monsters, but if you choose violence, even the soundtrack will transform into a grim melody.

Let the pleasant tunes entertain you

One of the most notable and wonderful features of Undertale Yellow is its music, which was created by a whole team of composers. Including more than hundred different tracks, the game presents different themes for each character and location, highlighting their prominent aspects.

Some of the tunes may be encountered only in the Genocide or Pacifist route, so you will have to make some effort to fully appreciate the musical part of the game. Take a look at all the terrains and don’t miss even the most unremarkable places, as they usually cover the most amazing secrets.

The most energetic beats will meet you during the battles with the bosses, of course and there is a reason for such musical choice, as these fights will be the fiercest ones! The game will show you that the monsters of this majestic universe possess lots of impressive techniques which will be hard to dodge or counter, especially from the first try.

Thus, emerge into the confrontations, having prepared a bunch of healing snacks and some good weapons and armour. Control your soul, avoid the deadly kicks, which will be raining down on you, and wait for the moment to strike back, leaving your opponents without any chances to win.

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