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    Have you ever wondered where the story of the famous Undertale takes its origins? Undertale Yellow will tell you about the events preceding the most popular project of Toby Fox.

    About Game Undertale Yellow

    Although the game itself is a prequel to the Undertale, it was created by another developer, Master Sword and his vast team, which above all includes Spasco and NoteBlock with his famous soundtracks. Undertale Yellow took seven years to make, making its way from a demo version released on November 30, 2016, to the full version that became available on December 9, 2023.

    From the idea that was formed during just one night, the game developed into a full-fledged project with its own distinctive features, musical themes and absolutely fascinating plot, which doesn’t yield to the original one. Join brave Clover, the seventh human child, who was directed to the underground realm.

    The struggle between humans and monsters has already started, but what is your role in this epic story? Figure out what happened to the people that mysteriously vanished in the area of the mountain, where you were planning to start the investigation. However, your pursuit is going to transform into something bigger and you should get ready for lots of unexpected turns!

    Gameplay Undertale Yellow

    Despite the fact that Undertale Yellow is quite similar to its predecessor, there are several details, which makes this game unique. Guide Clover through the dungeons, full of dangerous traps and vicious enemies that will gladly consume your soul. Although, maybe there is a more peaceful way to get acquainted with the local citizens?

    The fights in Undertale Yellow are one of the most exciting elements you may experience, so take a closer look at the actions available to you. Firstly, you may and totally need to attack a monster with any weapon you have at hand at the moment. As at the beginning of the game you are going to have a revolver, instead of the familiar oval attack board, you are going to use a round one.

    Undertale Yellow
    Try to hit the bull’s eye and perform the strongest attack you can. Don’t leave your opponent any chance to recuperate and cause any damage to you. But if you still missed some punches, there is an opportunity to heal a little, by eating something delicious or not really.

    Besides, when you reach the final stage of the battle, the game will give you a choice, which may influence the whole storyline. Pick up the so-called Genocide route and finish the business by killing a filthy monster or show them mercy and step on the Pacifist way. If you prefer diversity and want to try every outcome, you may also stick to the Neutral method.


    Along with the old heroes that are going to stay in your memory for a long time, Undertale Yellow presents a whole range of new friends and adversaries, even featuring ones from the mods, who will also make an unforgettable impression on you. Among the main heroes you are about to befriend, there are:

    • Clover. This curious, yet courageous child has a great mission to accomplish and their remarkable skills and charisma will help them to reach the aim. Having a stronger will, they are surely more determined.
    • Martlet. Being one of the Underground Royal Guard, she is a really capable warrior. At the same time, this bird girl may be a bit lazy and too disorganised.
    • Flowey. One of the old antagonists, the cunning talking flower makes its appearance again, having a bunch of dark motives as always. Watch out for him to get the souls!
    • Dalv. Get acquainted with this shy vampire-like monster and reveal his true potential. He seems happy to finally get some true friends in the face of the main hero.
    • Starlo. Self-proclaimed sheriff of the Underground, he is keen on the Western culture. Apart from that, he takes it seriously, being quite a smart guy, who is willing to show kindness even to his foes, too.
    • Ceroba. Being a caring and supportive mother and wife, she doesn’t care about anyone apart from her own family. This mighty fox won’t stop until she gets Clover’s soul to finish her husband’s work.
    • Axis. Created by Chujin, Ceroba’s partner, this robot is an ultimate weapon. However, it doesn’t mean he lacks personality, as Axis often reveal quite unexpected emotional displays.


    In addition to the multifaceted personages, Undertale Yellow gives out many colourful terrains that you may explore as long as you want. Each piece of these lands has their own special elements, bosses and rare events you may stumble upon.

    • Dunes. This deserted area is full of minerals and other valuable materials, as much as of the sudden sandstorms.
    • East Mines. Venture to under the Dunes and reveal the hidden treasures of the dark mines.
    • Greenhouse. This part of Steamworks is rather green and contains some useful resources, together with an interesting riddle.
    • Hotland. Visit the hottest lands in this realm and witness them before they were altered by Alphys and Mettaton.
    • New Home. Take an elevator to this wonderful and enigmatic place which is going to witness one of the crucial moments in the whole plot.
    • Oasis Valley. In the middle of the Dunes, there is a small village, where you may find Red, who may be familiar to you from other mods.
    • Ruins. Go through an obstacle course of brain teasers and get out from this area and its overcast part, feeling a bit of horror.
    • Snowdin. Cool down a little bit in this snowy town, facing another set of intriguing puzzles.
    • Steamworks. Take a look at the huge factory complex and meet the robots that have been working here for a long time.
    • Wild East. In this vast town you may purchase some cool equipment, talk to the sheriff or just have fun.

    Open the diverse monster realm

    Download and play Undertale Yellow on your pc and experience various emotions, reading the amusing conversations and watching heart-breaking scenes. Gather all endings by changing your attitude towards the major events with each run and gradually assemble the sophisticated puzzle of this narrative. Also you can go to the game’s official page:


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