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Deltarune Chapter 4

Deltarune Chapter 4

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Continue the exploration of the reversed world of Deltarune and go through an impressive range of incredible battles, featuring Chris, Susie and Ralsei in the ultimate battles. This game is still full of surprises and you are going to lose your mind over the thousands of riddles that are scattered all over the locations.

Prepare for another portion of the breath-taking plot, that enthrals you more and more into the whirlpool of events. Spend your time in the Hometown and return to the Dark World later, looking for more risky journeys. New friends and enemies are looking forward to meeting you!

Gather the invincible team once again and merge your powers to confront the opponents worthily. Manoeuvre and dodge the attacks with your own soul, waiting for the right moment to strike back. Benefit from your supreme tactic and outwit the foes.

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