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Get a great outlook on the great conflict between two races and travel to the kingdom of your enemies in an attempt to stop the feud and restore the peace. Undertale Yellow will tell you the story of Clover, one of the most significant souls, meant to save this world from devastation.

Gameplay Undertale Yellow

Venture straight to the dim Ruins, where Toriel is already waiting for you. This kind-hearted monster will guide you through this creepy place and tell you about your main aim. However, the rest of the way you are going to make on your own, so get ready to contemplate the basics of this realm fast!

Undertale Yellow consists of constant exploration with some fighting elements and depending on how you treat the locals, you may face more or less confrontations. The game adapts to your preferences by changing the mere storyline, including minor details, such as the view around you and the tunes in the background.

Interact with everything on your way to receive maximum information about the war, the characters and other important events. Some notes may shed light on the non-obvious aspects of the plot, so be careful not to leave anything behind! Undertale Yellow offers a lot of challenges, but the reward for your struggles will be worth it.

Besides, if you are more into battles, there are plenty of hardcore bosses in Undertale Yellow that will astonish you with their unique abilities. Check out their incredible manoeuvres and find a way to survive in such relentless fights. How far will your desire for destruction lead you?

Make your journey from Hotland to Snowdin

The game includes a multitude of spectacular views that will come to anyone’s taste. Visit the steaming lands of Hotland and receive a bit of nostalgic emotions from the major Undertale game and proceed to Snowdin, relishing its snowy landscapes.

Besides, on each location of Undertale Yellow you can meet companions that will gladly show you the way out, in case you get to know them. Show the pacifistic tendencies and figure out the paths to their hearts in order to discover their hidden secrets and interesting personal traits.

Take pleasure in the enchanting atmosphere of Undertale Yellow and reach the ending that corresponds to your personal approach to the world of the game. Navigate through the great variety of brain teasers and apply all your wit to overcome them and finally arrive at your final destination.

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