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Undertale Yellow is an amazing backstory to the famous Undertale that is going to shock you with the abundance of cool personages and curious features. Learn the tale of Clover, one of the first humans ever to sneak into the subterrestrial realm on your Android device and make an attempt to reach the end.

How to play Undertale Yellow

Undertale Yellow is set up on the mechanics from the original game, so it will be no problem to sort out the controls for the fans of this project. However, new players will also easily immerse into this world of exciting puzzles. Start with a simple outlook on the surroundings and check if there are any items that seem useful.

Get closer to the desired object or person and find out what can be done about it. Some of the stuff you may even keep in the inventory, in case you need a new piece of armour or a tasty snack to raise your health level. However, some creatures will try to fight you and that is where you are going to determine your behaviour line.

In Undertale Yellow you may pick up three ways and that is Pacifist, Neutral or Genocide. Act kindly and give mercy to the opponents, destroy them without any sentiments or combine these methods. The result of your actions will be a certain ending, rather optimistic one or totally negative.

Don’t let your soul vanish

Whether you are a good fighter or a skilful negotiator, the only thing you really need to worry about is your soul. Don’t let this little heart-shaped piece receive too much damage during the battles or you will meet your end in the dark dungeons.

Prepare for new series of attacks, as Undertale Yellow presents completely new personages, apart from the well-known ones. Each sort of enemy is capable of different things on the battlefield, thus, a particular strategy for every one of them is required.

During your endless journeys, you may also discover little villages and that is a perfect place to get ready for the next perilous pursuit. With the coins you have gathered, purchase various items, from the delicious pastry to the fashionable outfits.

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