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Arrive at the familiar, but yet different universe of Undertale Yellow and influence it the way you want! In this game you are the one shaping the reality and you may choose to save the kingdom and restore the peace or ruin everything completely. Make your decision and face the consequences.

Gameplay Undertale Yellow

Undertale Yellow offers you to play as a human child named Clover. Meet the irreplaceable guard of the Ruins, Toriel and let her show you the basic rules that you should stick to, unless you don’t want to die. Learn a rather simple gameplay of Undertale Yellow and begin your adventure to the depths of the Underground.

Your main aim will be to get out of the enigmatic kingdom that has suddenly summoned you, but the methods to achieve it can differ. Depending on your personal traits and on a range of decisions, you may influence the story, turning it into a vicious and dark tale, keeping the neutral pace or improving the situation in this world.

But only picking up the Genocide route you will face the real challenge, as then the game will make you go through the toughest bosses in their most powerful stages. Are you ready to fend off their attacks with the speed of lightning? Moreover, the types of the punches vary, from one character to another, reflecting their personalities and fighting styles.

Risk it all and become the winner

With the elimination of the monsters, even the surroundings will be changing. The underground realm is going to become more sombre and sinister and even the background music will be showing the devastation. There are lots of creatures to destroy, so don’t waste your time and get all of them until they start scattering in fear!

Although, in this game you can’t bring chaos non-stop, as there is a kill counter, which will prevent you from exterminating more than five enemies in a row. Return to the locations from time to time and check if there is somebody left to finish your mission properly.

Appreciate the threatening atmosphere you created in this realm and notice how the small details change the game completely. Gain access to more secrets that you could imagine and look at the story from a new perspective.

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